Your smile is the best thing about you, they all say. However, what keeps a beautiful smile intact? Healthy and glistening teeth. To achieve this, one can surely try several expensive cosmetic procedures. But this should be your second choice. The first option to prevent tooth decay and discolouration should be regular brushing and flossing. Another way in which you can make your teeth stronger and brighter is by eating the right food. Your body shows when you eat right by glowing and staying healthy.

The food you eat has a huge impact on your teeth. When you eat what’s not good for your teeth, it leads to tooth decay and cavities. For instance, sugary items like candy feed the germs in your teeth that can cause tooth disorders. Dentists at the best dental clinic in Kolkata say that excessive consumption of such food items can create a problem. The best way to fight tooth decay besides brushing and flossing is to eat right and limit bad food intake.Let’s have a look at the food items to look forward to and some to stay away from.

The good folks

It is time to make new friends.

High fibre content – Fibre-rich food requiresa good amount of chewing. As a result, it generates more saliva and keeps it flowing. This in turn reduces the formation of acids which means less plaque. Saliva also restores the minerals to the teeth and prevents the enzymes from attacking your teeth. Spinach, beans, peas, berries, pears, nuts and seeds are loaded with fibre.

Dairy products – These are rich in calcium and everyone knows that calcium is the leading reason for healthy teeth. Dentists at a dental clinic in Newtown suggest that they strengthen the teeth and bones and recover lost minerals. Also, cheese, as a saliva maker helps rebuild tooth enamel.

Water – Water is the solution to every problem. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that water works as a wonder for good teeth. It washes sugar and acids off the teeth which reduces the risk of tooth decay. If the water you drink is fluoridated then it is even better for your teeth. It protects your teeth against tooth loss.

The bad guys

Look out for yourself by discovering hidden enemies.

Sticky and chewy sweets – Most of the human beings to walk on this planet have a sweet tooth. Their heart melts at the very sight of pastry, chocolate, caramel, lollipop and other sweet pleasures. But that does not reduce the dangerous effects of these food items on your teeth. They stick to your teeth for a long time, thus, feeding the bacteria to form acid. So, you must avoid consuming these in high amounts to escape tooth cavity and decay.

Starchy food – Bread and potato chips contain too much starch. They get stuck in between the teeth and the saliva converts the starch into sugar. Switching to whole wheat bread can keep your teeth healthy as it contains less sugar.

Soda – Drinking soda is an open invitation to poor dental health. They are overloaded with sugar. We have already established that it is injurious to your teeth. So, if you want your mouth to remain acid-free, stay far from carbonated drinks.

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