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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a laboratory testing method used to identify, detect and count certain cells. It analyzes the sample fluid by passing it through one or two lasers which creates unique light-scattering events. The flow cytometer instrument also contains a series of photo detectors that sends the signals to the computer. They are then displayed as graphs. It is routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders, especially blood cancers.

Facilities at the Lab

If you are looking for the best flow cytometry lab in New Town, Salt Lake, and Rajarhat, the Newtown Clinic is a name you can trust. All the tests are performed by skilled and trained technicians to provide you the most precise results. Experienced doctors supervise every test individually to ascertain the patient’s health conditions.


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We have the most modern medical apparatus in terms of:

  • We have immunosuppression panel CD 3 / CD 4 / CD 8
  • Acute Leukemia Basic Panel is designed to identify most cases of AML, BCP-ALL, T-ALL and Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia (MPAL)
  • Highly specialized Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disease (CLPD) Basic Panel is available for diagnostic screening of CLPDs and specific identification, wherever possible, of the common subtypes of CLPDs. CLPD Extended Panel is aimed at detecting some of the uncommon variants of CLPDS like Hairy Cell Leukemia, NK-CLPDs, etc.
  • Performance by novel dual laser, four color, six parameter Flow Cytometer with digital post-acquisition compensation facility