So have you decided to undergo the botox treatment? But you can’t make your mind because of the scary facts about the skin procedure. ‘Botox is an invasive surgery!’ ‘ Those injections are damn painful!’ ‘Botox makes your face frozen!’ ‘ You will lose your natural expression’ and what not!  –

It’s high time to stop listening to these rumors and believing everything you keep listening or reading on the web, WhatsApp groups, or IG stories. Over the years people have been circulating myths about the botox injection. That is why we decided to debunk some of them on the blog page of the best dermatologist in Salt Lake.

It is for older women only:

Let’s break this misconception once and for all. This treatment is for anyone above 18 years of age.  Along with mature women, it can be used by those who want to avoid premature aging as well. Only a qualified dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon would be best to suggest whether you need botox or not.

Botox is a painful surgery:

Not really!   There will be no cuts or incisions on your face. During this procedure,  a small needle injects the skin filler components into your wrinkles. It feels almost nothing or just like a small sting which is tolerable.  Nobody can notice the injected area even after a few minutes.

It freezes your face:

Well, it is one of the funniest rumors that is doing the rounds of the internet. As the best skin specialist in Kolkata says there is no need to be scared. You can make facial expressions just like before. Botox treatment surely reduces the extent to which you move your facial muscles. But it doesn’t ruin your ability to smile, laugh, make funny faces, or anything!

Botox becomes an addiction

It’s just a cosmetic approach.   You can’t get an addiction out of a beautification treatment if you know how to use it only when it is needed. If you are focusing on a certain area of your body or face, there is specific directions and timelines of administrating the injections.

The bottom line is if you want the effects of botox treatments, you can’t get it without the treatment itself.  Few lotions are there which suggest that they will bring the same result for your skin. But let’s not believe those assumptions. It’s always better to contact the best dermatologist in Kolkata before taking a final decision.