Invisible Braces Treatment

Want to look perfect and beautiful but conscious of wearing braces?

We have the solution for you – invisible braces. It does not hamper your appearance and corrects your crooked teeth without pain and discomfort. Doesn’t it sound convenient and suitable? The latest advancements in technology have facilitated timely, painless and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Bonus, no one even gets to know about it. The growth and development in science has left behind the days of wearing ugly metal braces with wires for years.

What are invisible braces

Invisible braces are wafer-thin, clear and transparent aligners that fit securely on your teeth. These fit tightly over your teeth and gently correct the alignment to give you straight teeth. Invisible braces treatment in New Town provide you all the advantages of traditional orthodontic treatments, that too, without the trouble of having to wear brackets and wires.

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Why are invisible braces better

Digitally designed

Invisible braces are created using digital tooth scan, utilizing digital mapping and molding technology that are customized for you.

Invisible braces are see-through so no one can see that you’re aligning your teeth.

You can easily take away your aligners to eat, drink or brush.

Invisible braces have clear and blunt edges that don’t irritate or hurt your gums or cheeks.

The invisible braces treatment in Salt Lake is completed in a short span of time – 6 to 12 months, as compared to the time taken by the traditional braces. It also results in perfectly shaped and aligned teeth, thus, giving an accurate outcome.