Home Health Care

Whether your home health care need in New Town is simple or complex, the Newtown Clinic has all the solutions for different types of patients. From chronic cases to post-surgery care at home, our team of certified nurses, physios, personal care attendants, and para-medics are skilled and experienced enough to different care needs.

Aside from the abovementioned services, we cater to specialized home health care needs in Salt Lake and Rajarhat, including speech therapy, dementia care, sleep apnea treatment, and mini ICU set-up. We also provide attendants for the senior citizens who can help in bathing, cleaning, and toileting activities.

During the present pandemic, the Newtown Clinic is providing home health care support for the corona virus discharged and home-isolated patients who have mild symptoms. We also have trained attendants and home nurses who provide clinical care to the convalescing patients.