Advanced Digital X Ray Centre in Newtown & Salt Lake City

X-ray is a laboratory imaging test that creates pictures of the internal body organs to detect abnormalities. It generates electromagnetic radiations that enter your body and produces images on a photographic or fluorescent screen. This is the easiest and most painless method of discovering anomalies and thus, helps in diagnosing fractures, tooth decay, tumor and other defects in the body.

An X-ray requires you to remove all your jewellery and get changed into lead aprons. Our lab technician in New Town will conduct the X-ray by guiding you to be in the right position in front of the imaging plate. It is advised to get an X-ray done if you don’t have an external injury and are experiencing pain and discomfort.

Facilities at our lab

All the tests are performed by skilled and trained staff members at the best X-ray lab in Salt Lake and Rajarhat to provide you the most precise results. Experienced doctors supervise every test individually to ascertain the patient’s health conditions.

  • All view X-ray reports (AP / Lateral / Oblique)
  • Digital X-ray – We bring to you highly accurate X-ray images printed instantly and delivered to you within a couple of hours.
  • X-ray tests are done for all body parts including spine, shoulder blades, chest, hand, leg, soft tissue and more

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