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Upper GI Endoscopy

The inner linings of the esophagus, stomach and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) are visually examined with a camera placed at the end of a long, flexible tube.

Upper GI Endoscopy is a medical test used to diagnose health conditions in the upper digestive system. It can also be performed to obtain tissue samples (biopsy) for diseases like anemia, inflammation or cancers in the digestive tract.

The best gastroenterologist in New Town might ask you to have light food the night before the test. Also, you are required to fast for at least 6 hours prior to the test.

Facilities at the Newtown Clinic

All the tests are performed by skilled and trained staff members at the best upper GI endoscopy clinic in Salt Lake and Rajarhat to provide you the most precise results. Experienced doctors supervise every test individually to ascertain the patient’s health conditions.

  • We use smart-edge zoom technology
  • We provide an array of video endoscopy
  • Pylori/Biopsy is also done
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