Best Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry Doctors in Newtown

The term cosmetic dentistry refers to dental works that primarily improves the appearance of your gums and teeth, Therefore, it generally focuses on improving dental aesthetics in size, shape, position, color, alignment, and smile appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry in New Town, Salt Lake, and Rajarhat involve the following services:

It removes parts of tooth enamel to improve its appearance. It is used for correcting excessively long or crooked teeth, and altering the shape, position, or length of teeth.

This process involves color matching of a dental composite, its application to a tooth’s surface, sculpting it into tooth contour, and finally hardening and polishing of the enamel-like composite.

Dental bridges can be used for replacing a single or more than one missing teeth. The teeth on both the sides of a space created by missing teeth are first prepared and then a bridge is produced with abutments.

Gum Lifts
It is a dental procedure that involves reshaping the underlying bones or tissue to raise the gum line and create an appearance of more symmetrical teeth.

Also called Invisalign treatment, it helps in treating crowding, spacing, and overlapping teeth. It is used as a replacement of traditional metal braces.

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