Toothache can take a heavy toll on your overall health. What makes it even worse is when you are afraid of being examined by a dentist. This fear is termed as dentophobia. It is a common occurrence among children and even in some adults. Patients are always somewhat fearful of dropping in at a dental clinic but dentophobia is a totally different league. When a patient is extremely dreadful before every appointment, he/ she has cultivated this phobia.

The best dentist in Newtown says that overcoming this fear is important as refusing treatment will only worsen the situation. A mere cavity that could have been cured with a single-setting filling can develop into extensive tooth decay that may require the dentist to perform a Root Canal Treatment. Let us throw some light on this very phobia.


The fear of seeing a dentist is as real as the fact that the earth revolves around the sun.

  • It may seem like a silly thing but it is sometimes so deep-rooted in people that they shiver at the very thought of receiving dental care.
  • It sometimes focuses on undergoing a specific procedure like Root Canal.
  • Even seeing dental instruments like a drill, scaler or forceps can spark panic in the patient. If he/ she hears the sound of these tools while sitting in the waiting room, it can trigger fear.
  • In these cases, even if the patients are experiencing severe pain, they will avoid getting dental treatment.


  • Bad past experiences – The fear of dentists arises most commonly due to some negative incidents that took place in the past. It starts when the patient feels sharp pain both during and after the procedure. Also, if the process did not give a positive result and the patient had to visit the dentist several times, he/she can turn apprehensive towards the treatment. Seek help from the best dentist in Kolkata to receive the finest dental care.
  • Indirect concern – A person may not have first-hand experience at getting bad dental treatment but has still developed an aversion to it. It may be because he/ she heard about other’s traumatic experience and could not get over it.


With proper treatment and care, one can rise above the fear of paying a visit to a dentist.

  • Therapy – Take help from a mental health professional. He/ She will bring your phobia at a manageable level with cognitive-behavioural therapy and medications.
  • Consult your dentist – Talk to your dentist about your fear so that he/ she knows how to deal with your problem. This way the dentist will be able to relax you before any procedure. When you develop an understanding and trust with your dentist, you are naturally calm and composed.
  • Relaxation techniques – Meditation and breathing exercises go a long way in reducing your worries. It eases the constant chaos in your head and frees your mind of all fears.
  • Self-help – Do proper research before making a final decision about the dentist. To receive proper treatment, choose the best dental clinic in Salt Lake. Set an appointment with the doctor and take a friend or family member along with you. In addition, carry things which comfort you in stressful times like a stress-ball or comforting music.

Remember, the situation will only get worse if you do not seek out medical help at first.