Skin Filler Treatments- Dermal Fillers, Under-eye Fillers, Wrinkle Fillers & Cosmetic Fillers

Restoring the volume of the skin to enhance facial balance is the key step in aesthetically pleasant look. As you age (as early as the late 20s), the skin starts losing the strength of the ligaments which support the superficial fat and other structures. When these ligaments start dropping, it pulls down its supporting structures too, thereby making cheeks saggy, eyes droopy, deep-set or tired, creating jowls in the neck, and many other ageing signs.
We provide you with the beauty of Skin Harmony by using dermal fillers, under-eye fillers, wrinkle fillers, cosmetic fillers & other skin filler treatments in New Town, Salt Lake, and Rajarhat.

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Pigmentation: For increased pigmentation like Melasma, blemishes, freckles and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, this technique is used to deliver lightening agents, like Glutathione and Vitamin C, directly into the skin layers. Dramatic improvement can be seen in just 4 sessions.

Hair Loss: Are those with acne scarring, fine lines and those looking to improve skin texture and tightness. It can be used on all skin types and from light to dark skins. As opposed to laser treatments, there is less chance of pigmentation problems after the treatment. It is not suitable for people who have open cuts, wounds or sun-burnt skin. Mesotherapy can be used to aid hair restoration. A formulation of vitamins, DHT blockers and minerals, injected into the scalp stimulate the circulation of blood, thus replacing lost vitamins and minerals and allowing hair follicles to get rejuvenated.

Skin Rejuvenation: Mesotherapy is used to infuse lightening and anti-aging materials directly into the skin layers, aiding better product efficacy and quicker results with reduced downtime. It can also help reduce lines and wrinkles, improve sun-damaged skin; and works as an ideal glow treatment.

Acne scars/scars: Scar filling, especially those caused by acne, can be done by administering materials like hyaluronic acid, into the affected areas. This technique is less costly than fillers, and one can see results in just 4 sessions.


Skin Fillers are a natural Hyaluronic Acid which is injected at desired points on your skin, to give support to the ligaments by pulling up the structures attached to it. This skin filler treatment has minimal discomfort as the syringes are preloaded with anaesthetic. The immediate result of the Skin Filler treatment is that you can see the lines wrinkles, and furrows fade away almost instantly. The key is to fill just enough to give it a natural appearance.
Starting from the age of 21 up to 65 years, fillers can be used to highlight certain features, restore the lost volume of the cheeks, set right tired under-eyes, accentuate the chin, give a hydrated natural look for the lips, have a sharper jawline and so much more.
The Skin Fillers used to rejuvenate the cheeks last for about 2 years, after which a repeat session is required. The fillers used to rejuvenate the under-eyes last for about 1.5 years. Fillers for different areas of the face last for varied time intervals because of their different tensile strengths.