About Clinic

There are many changes in the lifestyle of Indians in recent years with advancement in technology. The fast and hectic schedule and over-dependence on technology has made the people here more prone to various diseases. As a result, there is an urgent need for quality healthcare in India at a reasonable cost.

This motivated us to establish The Newtown Clinic. The super specialty clinic stands on the foundation of advanced, ethical and affordable healthcare for all. We are in continuous effort to upgrade our infrastructure and system to deliver the best possible care. Our clinic has the latest equipment that increases the quality of our treatment procedures. Our doctors have many years of experience and are renowned in their respective fields.

We give utmost importance to the comfort and well-being of every patient. We aspire to examine every aspect of your concern and provide you with the exact treatment you need. Our staff members always work with the principal goal to provide the best experience possible to the patients who have put their trust and precious time in our healthcare services. We ensure a patient-friendly approach that benefits your overall lifestyle as well.

The patients enter the clinic with a grim face because they are suffering from different health disorders. The interior of our clinic has vibrant colors to brighten up the moods of the patients. We take special care of children because they are the most hesitant about receiving treatment. It helps a lot in the treatment of patients if we can uplift their mood. Proper hygiene is maintained in our clinic with regular cleaning and sanitization. Our ever-smiling staff members always greet the patients and make them feel at home. Besides medical treatment, these things matter a lot.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a benchmark in providing quality healthcare to all the people. We put our best efforts in reducing the healthcare cost for all patients in the communities we serve. We just don’t want to cure your diseases; we want to change your routines and lifestyle practices for better. We aim to work hard and make The Newtown Clinic the best multispecialty clinic in Kolkata.

Our Mission

  • To provide patient-centered healthcare that is excellent in quality and service
  • To provide cost-effective, high quality and compassionate healthcare to all the people in the community
  • To create an environment of mutual respect, honesty, equality, trust, and ethics
  • To inspire healthier communities by associating people with excellent nursing

Core Values

  • Healthcare service with compassion and empathy
  • Maintaining ethics and integrity
  • Working as a team to achieve success
  • Complete dedication to patient care
  • Patient treatment with dignity and respect
  • Best medical care to all patients
  • Treat every patient equally, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion