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Dr jayanta saha

Dr. Jayanta Saha

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Implant Specialist

Associate Professor BDCH (Experience in the field More than 12 years)

  • BDS
  • MDS
  • BDCH
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Dr. Amit Ray

Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Professor & Head Dept of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science & Research

  • BDS(Hons)

  • MDS

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Dr. Sanjukta Bhattacharjee

Consultant Dental Surgeon

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday:
2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Thursday: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

  • BDS

  • FAGE

  • ENDO

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The newtown clinic

Dr. Ritushree Nag

Consultant Dental Surgeon

Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am  -8.00 pm
Sunday: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

  • BDS

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Dr. Rima Nandi


  • B.D.S (Hons)

  • M.D.S (Paediatric; Preventive Dentistry)

  • F.A.G.E

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dr Torsa Talukdar

Dr. Torsa Talukder


  • BDS(W.B.U.H.S)

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The newtown clinic

Dr. Jaideep Sengupta

Consultant Dental Surgeon

On Call


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The newtown clinic

Dr. MAJ GEN (DR) Arup Kumar Pal

Dentist, Oral And MaxilloFacial Surgeon

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  • BDS(Dentist)

  • MDS – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery(Oral And MaxilloFacial Surgeon)

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The newtown clinic

Sandeep Kumar Mitra

Dentist, Orthodontist

  • BDS

  • MDS – Orthodontics(Orthodontics)

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Best Dental Clinic in New Town

The branch of medicine dealing with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral cavity and other dental problems is known as dentistry. These problems include various diseases and disorders that affect the teeth, oral mucosa and maxillofacial area. The specialists at our best dental clinic in Newtown have the reputation of treating many patients successfully.

Many people want to improve the appearance and functionality of their teeth.Braces are used to adjust the incorrect positioning of teeth. The best dentists in Newtown recommend getting braces before the age of seven. The use of braces is common in orthodontic treatment.

In the course of time, the teeth get yellowish in color. This makes a bad impression on other people. However, it is possible to make the tooth white again with a tooth whitening procedure that completely removes the stains. It is a very common cosmetic dental procedure.

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    Best Dental Treatments in New Town

    Hi-Tech Dentistry

    Advanced smile makeovers, full mouth dental implants, zirconia and CAD CAM crowns, braces we offer our patients the absolute best and latest in dental technology. We have our in house Panaromic + Cephalometric OPG machine, which ensures flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

    Global Expertise

    Each of our specialist dentists are well trained & Our team is stringently hand picked which ensures that at NewTown Clinic, you will always be in the best of hands.

    Long Term Warranty Support

    Unlike an individual dentist’s practice in which vital support depends upon the dentist’s availability, we will always be there for you for years to come. We have multiple specialists across every field. So there will always be a backup should any individual team member not be available.

    Materials Sterilization

    We follow strict and stringent sterilization protocols for hygiene.



    Keeping the 3 most important factors of form, function and aesthetics in mind, dental implants are the ideal solution for replacement of natural teeth. Whether you need to replace few or all of your teeth, you will notice a few striking benefits:

    The ability to bite into and chew foods just like natural teeth is regained. You can enjoy your favorite foods such as meats and nuts, as if you were using healthy, natural teeth.Instantly reverses age. With missing teeth, the face has a sunken appearance and a person looks much older than he or she actually is. With dental implants, this is reversed immediately and a well balanced, natural and radiant smile is gained. This process alone would make one look at least 20 years younger!

    Lifelong solution. Dental implants are a one-time procedure. Once done, they last a lifetime.

    Successful replacement of teeth with implants is an extremely ‘technique sensitive’ process, requiring great expertise. An advanced titanium structure is anchored into the bone where the tooth is to be replaced. This structure acts like a support for the ‘crown’ or the artificial tooth. These mechanics are exactly similar to how a natural tooth anchors itself, and therefore, dental implants are the ideal replacement solution.

    We believe that implants are not just about replacing teeth. They are about replacing them with ones that look absolutely stunning! This requires a perfect blend of an artistic mind with surgical genius. Therefore, all implant cases at The NewTown Clinic are performed by a team comprising of aesthetic dentists and implantologists.


    Full mouth reconstructions (rehabilitations) are needed when the oral health as a whole has deteriorated due to multiple dental problems. As complex as it may seem, such cases can be treated to produce flawless results and restore the oral function back to normal if the treatment is planned well and executed by skilled specialists.

    While planning such cases numerous factors are taken into consideration such as the patient’s primary and secondary problems, their expectations, their existing medical and oral condition and of course their time and budget constraints if any to arrive at the most practical treatment plan for a particular case.

    The success of such cases depends upon the microscopic precision of the work executed and therefore we at The NewTown Clinic have a highly skilled set of specialists who have received advanced training


    At The NewTown Clinic, we have the perfect solution of brilliant white teeth.

    45 minutes is all it takes to transform your dull and yellowish teeth to a dazzling brilliant white appearance. In today’s era where our appearance is so vital to our success, yellow and dull teeth are totally unacceptable and are considered to be old fashioned.
    Get brilliant white teeth in just 45 minutes!
    Highly Cost Effective. The instant tooth whitening procedure at The NewTown Clinic is highly competitively priced.

    Root Canal Treatment is a quick and comfortable procedure to eliminate bacteria from the infected tooth. It helps in the restoration of the natural tooth, avoiding the need of a tooth extraction.

    After a root canal procedure at The Newtown Clinic, a common reaction shown by the patients is “Wow, is that it?”

    Root canal procedures are least painful when performed by Endodontists (Root Canal Specialists) at The Newtown Clinic. Patients have expressed that the treatment has been extremely comfortable and convenient for them.

    Why and when are root canal treatments required?

    When cavities are ignored and left untreated, the decay of the tooth advances to the next level. A significant portion of the tooth is destroyed and the pulp is also severely affected. When the pulp gets damaged, the person experiences a chronic dental pain. The pain can only be relieved by restoring the tooth, using root canal treatment.

    What is a root canal treatment?

    In simple terms, root canal treatment is the removal of the infected pulp within the tooth and its replacement by an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure saves the natural tooth and eliminates the dental pain.

    Want to look perfect and beautiful but conscious of wearing braces?

    We have the solution for you – invisible braces. It does not hamper your appearance and corrects your crooked teeth without pain and discomfort. Doesn’t it sound convenient and suitable? The latest advancements in technology have facilitated timely, painless and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Bonus, no one even gets to know about it. The growth and development in science has left behind the days of wearing ugly metal braces with wires for years.

    What are invisible braces?

    Invisible braces are wafer-thin, clear and transparent aligners that fit securely on your teeth. These fit tightly over your teeth and gently correct the alignment to give you straight teeth. Invisible braces provide you all the advantages of traditional orthodontic treatments, that too, without the trouble of having to wear brackets and wires.

    Why are invisible braces better?

    Digitally designed

    Invisible braces are created using digital tooth scan, utilizing digital mapping and molding technology that are customized for you.


    Invisible braces are see-through so no one can see that you’re aligning your teeth.


    You can easily take away your aligners to eat, drink or brush.


    Invisible braces have clear and blunt edges that don’t irritate or hurt your gums or cheeks.


    The treatment is completed in a short span of time – 6 to 12 months, as compared to the time taken by the traditional braces. It also results in perfectly shaped and aligned teeth, thus, giving an accurate outcome.

    There are several causes of tooth discoloration – caffeinated drinks, smoking, poor dental hygiene, certain medications and dental material. These result in a dull or yellowish appearance of the teeth. Tooth stains can be removed professionally using a peroxide based agent. The peroxide reacts with the discolored teeth, oxidizes them and then removes the stains entirely. A special technique is used by the dentist which prevents the peroxide agent from reaching the gums and lips.

    Instant tooth whitening at The Newtown Clinic is better than home remedies

    When tooth whitening is done by professional means, it offers more benefits than home whitening procedures.

    Short span of time – Requires approximately 45-60 minutes to complete the entire tooth whitening procedure. At home, you will get proper and visible results only after 3-4 weeks.

    Better Results – Tooth whitening at The Newtown Clinic has more pronounced results because active whitening ingredients are used in higher concentration.

    Efficient means – Tooth whitening is professionally done by experienced orthodontists.

    Boost your morale and enhance your smile by giving yourself a makeover with cosmetic dental procedure.

    Cosmetic dentistry is also known as cosmetic smile enhancements. This is the perfect option for those who are conscious about their smile due to stained, crooked or missing teeth. It enhances the appearance of your mouth and teeth with restorative benefits.

    Cosmetic dental procedures involve the following treatments:

    • Porcelain veneers
    • Composite veneers
    • Bonding
    • Crown lengthening
    • Gum depigmentation
    • Instant tooth whitening
    • Recontouring of teeth
    • Composite restorations and build ups

    A variety of dental defects can be corrected using the above procedures. Even normal smiles can be enhanced to give them a glamorous look.

    Cosmetic dental procedures treat the following:

    • Crooked teeth
    • Chipped teeth
    • Spaces between teeth
    • Protruding teeth
    • Missing teeth
    • Stained teeth
    • Misaligned teeth

    You can come to The Newtown Clinic for a smile makeover or a simple smile enhancement to rejuvenate your smile.

    Smiling makes your life more beautiful. When you smile, you create a positive impression over others. That’s why, make your smile the best aspect about yourself.

    If you too would like to stand out from the rest, book your appointment today.


    The right dental care for children is of paramount importance. It is one of their core establishers of proper health. The fact that oral healthcare in children is deeply interlinked with their well-being is indisputable. It is only natural therefore, to want services of the finest quality when it comes to the welfare of your young ones.

    We assure just that. Our panel of well-established Pediatric Dentists makes sure that your child’s journey to perfect oral health is a happy and comfortable one.

    It is common knowledge that children associate dental visits with fear and anxiety. Recognizing that, we have carefully curated every step of our approach to guarantee a wholesome and positive experience for your child!

    Our philosophy is fairly simple. We lay great emphasis upon preventative and proactive dentistry, to ensure that your child does not have to undergo any major dental work in the future. Our time spent in educating children regarding various habits builds in them a strong foundation of oral well-being. We identify detrimental habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking etc and offer constructive solutions that help remedy them before they cause any serious destruction to their oral and general health. This also minimizes the need for major reconstructive work in the subsequent years.


    Tending to a child is never the same as tending to an adult. Children come with their own set of apprehensions which must be taken into account while treating them. Communication is the key here. Our team of pediatric dentists have been trained to communicate effectively with children and put them at ease. One of our aims is to educate them on the importance of oral hygiene and good habits.

    With various behavior guidance techniques in place, we ensure stress-free visits for both the child and the parent.

    For example, before we start any appointment, we carefully assess the child’s cooperation level on that day. We incorporate creative solutions like storytelling to engage the child. It is as important to us as it is to you that your child’s dental experiences are relaxing and enjoyable!


    Ignoring fundamental dental care in the formative years can lead to serious complications in the future. Dentistry for children begins to get challenging as and how the quantity of work involved increases. To avoid this, we heavily advocate preventive dentistry. We believe children shouldn’t have to experience the pain of tooth decay, damage or sensitivity to warrant a dental visit, when they can be avoided by precautionary measures.

    Our Pediatric Dentists administer a teeth cleaning procedure using fluoride gel. They recommend a child get this treatment every 3-6 months. Fluoride increases the inherent strength of the enamel of the tooth decreasing the chances of decay.

    Additionally, using sealants in the deep grooves of teeth (which act as catchment for bacteria and food) prevent the formation of cavities, and dental decay. This is a simple 10 minute procedure which, if done regularly, greatly fortifies your child’s dental foundation.

    Part of our preventive process is education on at-home dental practices. We educate both the child and the parents regarding proper brushing techniques based on the age of the child. Our specialists also offer diet modification counseling to ensure that foods injurious to dental health are eliminated.


    It is a common misconception that milk teeth don’t need dental attention as they are meant to fall off and give way to permanent teeth. This is far from the truth. Milk teeth are natural space maintainers, which are vital to a child’s oral maturation. They are essential in developing the child’s occlusion, for chewing, and for speech development. If infected before their time of exfoliations, milk teeth can cause a lot of damage.

    We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, which ensure total infection control. This prevents decay from percolating into permanent teeth.


    We have a very strong view on the abuse of antibiotics. We vow never to prescribe antibiotics or any medications unless absolutely necessary. Unwarranted medications come with several side effects, and we would never jeopardize your child’s well-being, since most infections can be treated effectively at the source (teeth).


    We follow with utmost precision, the most rigorous sterilization processes in order to prevent secondary and cross infections. Our standards of sterilization are in accordance with international protocols?


    Very often, teeth can decay to a point where basic remedial measures like cavity fillings may not be enough. If allowed to go unchecked the infection breaches the hard structures of the teeth and reached the pulp of the tooth which has a network of blood vessels. For adults, decay of this stage would require a root canal treatment. For children however, this can be treated by a simple pulpectomy procedure followed by a crown which restores the shape and function of the tooth.


    Apart from infection control, our preventative measures prevent the decay of teeth. Filling the teeth with white, tooth friendly, fluoride-releasing materials prevents decay to reach the core of the tooth (pulp). This not only spares your child from unnecessary pain, but the fluoride release maintains the tooth’s inherent strength.


    There is nothing more precious than the smile of a child. Rampant decay in the front teeth can hamper a child’s self-esteem and leave them feeling low in confidence. Here, we can design a brand new smile for your child by rectifying the damage done by decay. This also helps with speech development.


    Rectifying habits like thumb sucking and mouth breathing at an early stage can prevent crooked teeth, and subsequently eliminate the need for braces altogether. We recognize conditions like sleep apnea which are the root cause of habits such as mouth breathing. While mouth breathing may not seem like a critical problem, it actually affects a child’s sleep pattern, the regulation of oxygen in their system as well as their concentration level in school. Counseling the parents about such habits is a part of our pre-orthodontic approach to ensure healthier smiles for children.


    Children are fairly active by nature, which sometimes causes them to have minor accidents. Fracturing of the front teeth, permanent tooth fall out or even chipping off of teeth can be traumatic experiences for children. Our pediatric dentists are well equipped to promptly deal with such situations. We aim to either place the fallen tooth back into the jaw, or build the bone structure in a seamless manner, so that the child is never conscious of the lost tooth.


    We have an esteemed panel of highly trained orthodontists who provide fixed, semi-fixed and removable orthodontic care for children of all age groups, starting as early as 4 years of age for the correction of non-aligned teeth. A lot of parents reserve orthodontic care for their children till their permanent teeth erupt. We however, believe that we can straighten crooked teeth at all age groups for our young patients.

    What is gum disease?

    Gum disease or periodontitis starts with bacterial growth and infection in the tissue that hold your teeth (gums). In some cases, it spreads below the gums to infect the bone that supports the teeth. Gum disease is seen in various stages, from a mild condition (gingivitis) that is easily reversible to severe forms (periodontitis) that requires more comprehensive treatment.

    Why should you treat gum disease immediately?

    Signs of gum disease can be seen in certain regions or across the entire gums. These include:

    • Red gums
    • Swollen gums
    • Painful gums
    • Gums that are receding or pulling away from the teeth, making them appear longer than before
    • Loose or shaking teeth
    • Pus in the gums
    • Bad breath which is persistent

    Like most dental diseases, gum disease is a progressive disease. In the initial stages, the infection is limited to the gums. If left untreated, this gradually spreads to the bones supporting the teeth and starts eroding them. Eventually, the teeth lose their vital bone support and start shaking. At this stage, one may experience difficulty in performing simple tasks like chewing and munching, and also suffer from persistent bad breath.

    Therefore, the sooner the treatment is sought, the lesser is the damage done.

    How do you treat gum disease?

    Various treatment procedures include:

    • Scaling and polishing
    • Root planning or curettage
    • Flap surgery
    • Gingival grafts (periodontal plastic surgery)
    • Bone grafts


    Full mouth reconstructions (rehabilitations) are needed when the oral health as a whole has deteriorated due to multiple dental problems. As complex as it may seem, such cases can be treated to produce flawless results and restore the oral function back to normal if the treatment is planned well and executed by skilled specialists.

    While planning such cases numerous factors are taken into consideration such as the patient’s primary and secondary problems, their expectations, their existing medical and oral condition and of course their time and budget constraints if any to arrive at the most practical treatment plan for a particular case.

    The success of such cases depends upon the microscopic precision of the work executed and therefore we have a highly skilled set of specialists who have received advanced training from the U.K. and and U.S.A. to exclusively perform such complex procedures.


    The first appointment of a consultation / examination, is a very important process before initiating any dental procedure. After a thorough evaluation of your oral health, the doctors would explain the same to you and formulate an ideal treatment plan for your case. The time required for the completion of the treatment and the exact fee estimate would be clarified during this appointment.

    Various alternative treatment plans would be given to you as well to suit your budget and time constraints if any. All your doubts and queries would be solved by the doctor at this stage and this first appointment serves as a platform for a healthy doctor – patient relationship.

    After this appointment, you can choose to proceed with the further treatment only if you feel comfortable as there are no obligations for the same. Only a one time consultation fee would be charged.