We often wake up and find out that our pillow is filled with hair; this scenario makes us sad, doesn’t it? Though it is normal to lose a maximum number of 100 strands of hair a day, if those do not grow back, then it creates a huge problem. This issue may sound trivial, but it may lead you to baldness. It is essential to know the causes of your hair fall. There are many hereditary and nutritional issues that contribute to your hair fall. The best dermatologist in Kolkata, who is attached to The Newtown Clinic, discussed the trigger points that cause hair fall.


  • Hormones: If your hormones keep fluctuating, then it may be the biggest reason behind the thinning of your hair. Hormones affect your hair growth like anything. Hypo- or hyper-thyroid, birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause- all of these cause hair fall.
  • Genetic: Hair fall is associated with your age. You will observe thinning of your hair gradually. But the genetic reason for hair fall is the worst as it cannot be helped. If your mother has a problem with hair fall, you will also have the same.
  • Stress: Did you know that your stress may cause hair fall? The best dermatologist in Kolkata says that hair fall is a prominent symptom of PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). This is why managing your stress and channelizing it is very important.
  • Nutritional deficit: Deficiencies of protein, vitamins, and minerals may cause endless hair fall. If you are anaemic or have any sort of deficiency issues, then you may suffer from clumps of hair fall. Excessive hair loss is caused by the shortage of iron, vitamin B12, B6, and protein in your body.
  • Immunity: Auto-immune disease causes extreme hair fall. If you are prone to get a cough and cold, then it’s high time you take care of it to not only have control over your health but also to prevent hair fall. Otherwise, you may walk on the path of baldness.

Home remedies:

Here are some home remedies to control hair fall-

  • Fenugreek: A paste of fenugreek is undoubtedly good to reduce hair fall. You need to soak fenugreek overnight and then grind them the next morning. Apply the paste to your entire scalp and hair.
  • Onion: Onion juice contains Vitamin C, E, B complex, and Sulphur. Use a cotton pad to soak the onion juice and dab your scalp with it.
  • Castor oil: We all know that castor oil contributes to our hair growth. It’s time to use it and fight hair fall. Almond hair oil also contributes to the nourishment of hair.

Try these hacks to control hair fall and visit The Newtown Clinic for dermatology consultation.