These days charcoal is a very fascinating term. You will find it as an active ingredient in beauty products as well as in toothpaste. Some researches claim that charcoal has an effective detoxification property in itself. This property of charcoal according to the best dentist in Newtown has made the charcoal toothpaste very popular.

But every remedy on earth has a twofold aspect. Same applies to charcoal toothpaste. Among the positive ones are charcoal toothpaste has an natural teeth whitening property which can clean your teeth with out bleaching. Another one is it removes the bacteria from your mouth and keeps the mouth clean and fresh. But before starting to use the charcoal toothpaste you should consult the dentists of the Newtown clinic since the overdose of charcoal may be life-threatening. But not only overdose, the dentists of the dental clinic in Newtown make us aware of some other factors about charcoal toothpaste. These are ;

Abrasiveness – Your tooth enamel and gums might get spoiled due to the roughness of the nature of charcoal.

Over-absorption – If you are using certain medications the charcoal toothpaste might absorb that causing trouble for you.

Constipation – Long term use of charcoal can make your tongue colour change, can cause black stool and intestinal blockage which in turn leads to constipation.

Lack of fluoride – Fluoride has some components which are vital for your teeth and gum health which prevents the development of cavity in your tooth, but charcoal has no such elements present in it.

Lack of effectiveness – Even after using a charcoal toothpaste you have to use a regular fluoride toothpaste to make your teeth free from the black residue of the charcoal.

No concrete evidence on tooth whitening feature of charcoal is found on how long does charcoal takes to make your teeth white.

New Town clinic, the best dental clinic in Salt Lake suggests that following a few simple steps will help you keep away the chronic oral problems. Like brushing your teeth twice daily, mouth washing after each meal properly, using a medicated mouthwash daily , avoiding excess of sugar food intake will keep your smile intact for long. Moreover if you regularly visit your dentist, he / she will screen your oral health and advice you accordingly which can prevent many gum diseases likely to attack you in future. So don’t wait for the oral problem to creep up and then visit the dentist, instead follow the old saying of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and consult your dentist regularly.