Cavities – almost all of us has heard this word. Now let’s first discuss what is a cavity. Cavities are permanently damaged area in your teeth that can cause tiny holes. The reason behind a person developing cavity in tooth are taking smaller meals for multiple number of times in a day, poor mouth washing and oral hygiene, sipping sugary drink and bacteria. There are millions of cases in India every year of dental cavities. If left untreated the severity will increase and it will surely cause you a tooth ache and even loss of your tooth. So why wait, do visit the best dental clinic in Salt Lake for a dental check up.

Now the question coming to your mind is, if you have been diagnosed with a cavity what to do next? You need to visit your dentist in the dental clinic in New Town to get yourself treated against the cavity through proper fillings. There are multiple options available for treating cavities.
The word option however indicates the type of material use in the filling. Those are as follows;

Amalgam (or Silver)

This type of filling has been used from years back and is a combination of metals including mercury, copper, tin, zinc and silver. This kind of filling is long-lasting and less expensive. Some opines that the mercury used in this mixture has a negative impact on our body, but no such concrete evidence has been found yet. Even researches show the quantity of mercury present in amalgam filling is compatible for any human being.


Gold filling till date is the most expensive filling. If you are ready to spend money, but at the same time have less time to spend, you can opt for the gold filling. The only negative point is, there can be a sharp pain in the teeth due to galvanic reaction.


A composite is made from a mix of powered glass and acrylic resin. The reason of popularity behind composite tooth fillings is they can be color- matched to your natural tooth, keeping them very inconspicuous.

Porcelain/ Ceramic

Porcelain fillings also have the quality of durability and affordability. But this kind of filling will make you visit to the dentist several times, since porcelain fillings are prepared in the laboratory and then used.

Resin/ Glass Ionomer

These types of fillings are mostly used for smaller portions of decay, such as for kids, or below the gum line. Due to their fragile nature, they are not placed in areas where there is a higher pressure of chewing.

New Town Clinic, the dental clinic in Salt Lake will surely fix up your problem of tooth decay through effective and lasting filling.