Toothache is a very common problem. Even a small swelling in mouth can be a source of tremendous pain. When you feel something is not right inside your mouth, you feel agitated. According to the best dentists of Rajarhat and New Town, the pain quickly spreads all over the face and this leads to severe headache. You neither get to eat your favourite food nor drinks. No matter what you do to remain diverted, the pain doesn’t allow you to forget it and it keeps on triggering time to time. You are finally succumbed to take a painkiller for an instant relief.

Does painkiller do the needful?

Dentists of renowned dental clinics of Salt Lake and Ultadanga have answered that a painkiller only gives a momentary relief. When you feel extreme pain, you can have a painkiller but it will only provide you with an instant relief which doesn’t stay for long. When the action of the painkiller ends, the pain comes back. So, you must be aware of these facts.

Common problems that cause toothache:

Gum Disease:

This is commonly found almost in every age group. Periodontal or gum disease is the infection in gums. As it surrounds the teeth, it leads to toothache and if the problem is severe, it can cause tooth loss as well. Dentistry in New Town opines that there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. Smoking works as a catalyst in this case. The symptoms are:
• Foul breath
• Sensitive teeth
• Tender gums
• Bleeding gums
• Painful chewing


Consumption of sticky substance like chocolate, logens etc. forms a layer on teeth that attacks the tooth enamel. You might think that only children get affected by the same but best dentists of Salt Lake say that this can cause harm to people of any age.

Sensitive Tooth:

Sensitivity is a very common problem nowadays. This mainly is caused due to food habit. Other than that cracked tooth can also be a reason for the same. People with sensitive teeth experience discomfort while having sweet food, cold or hot drink and ice cream etc. Cold air can also cause pain.


Brushing twice regularly can be of much help. This keeps you away from foul breath and keeps your teeth in a better condition. Sensitivity is also an issue that can be avoided if you use proper toothpaste, mouth wash and mouth spray. You can fight cavities if you modify your food habit and wash your mouth each time you have something. All these are in your hand. But if this don’t work anymore, it’s always advisable to take an appointment from a dental clinic. You can also opt for a regular dental checkup in one of the best dental clinics in New Town, Rajarhat, Ultadanga, Salt Lake called New Town Clinic and remain updated about your dental health.