Root canal- what is it?

A dental procedure that involves removing the pulp and soft center of your tooth is called a root canal. The pulp is the inner part of a tooth that contains connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves and these help your tooth to grow. If you face any difficulty related to any of your teeth, visit The Newtown Clinic and get yourself checked by the best dentist in Kolkata.

Root canal- when is it needed?

When the pulp of any tooth gets injured and, as a result, it gets infected and inflamed, a root canal is the need of the hour. The part of the tooth that you can see above your gum is the crown of our tooth. The pulp may be dead inside the tooth, but from outside, you can find no noticeable change and the tooth remains intact. The best way to preserve that particular tooth is to remove the infected or injured pulp by a root canal. The Newtown Clinic is considered the best dental clinic in Saltlake that provides the safest root canal treatment.

Causes that damage the pulp may include:

  • A crack or chip in your tooth
  • An untreated cavity that causes deep decay
  • More than one dental procedure on a particular tooth
  • An injury of the tooth may not crack your tooth but may still damage the pulp situated inside

In most cases, a damaged pulp causes symptoms such as pain in that particular tooth, swelling in the portion of gum that surrounds the tooth and heat sensation at the swelling area. If you find any of these symptoms, make an appointment with the best dentist in Kolkata.

Root canal- why is it needed?

You may think that why it is needed to remove a dead or injured pulp if it does not affect your living. It is essential to remove an inflamed or injured or dead pulp from the inside of your tooth in order to preserve that particular tooth in the long run. Initially, such a pulp may not affect you, but later on, it may create a huge problem, says an expert doctor of the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

Root canal- how is it done?

When you visit The Newtown Clinic for a root canal, the technician will make you have a sit and place a bib around your neck so that your clothes do not get stained.

Step 1: At first, your dentist will apply medication on the gum that surrounds your affected tooth to numb the area. When the place becomes totally numb, you will be injected an anaesthetic into that portion of the gum.

Step 2: Then, the best dentist in Kolkata will make a small opening in the top of that particular tooth to expose the pulp and then he will carefully remove it. He will also clean up and disinfect the canal.

Step 3: When the pulp removing part is done, the dentist will apply some topical antibiotics so that you don’t get any infection. The canal will also get filled with a sealer paste and some rubber-like material.

Step 4: At last, the dentist will fill the small opening with some soft and temporary material so that the canals do not get damaged by saliva.


For availing of the best root canal treatment, visit The Newtown Clinic.