Change is the ultimate constant of our life. We are all well aware of this primordial truth. Along with the changes, all the creatures of this world have evolved to survive, and the fittest creatures survived. Human beings, being the ultimate and most intelligent creatures on this earth, have developed the most. There are many bodily changes that human beings have witnessed and have adapted to the change to survive. The best dentist in Kolkata says that evolution has discarded the importance of our third molars. Our living conditions no more require the presence of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth erupt when we are either 17 years old or more. The eruption causes pain, and that’s not the end. Evolution has made such changes in our mouth that many of us do not even have the room for adjusting those 4 molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth. As a result, we face more trouble with those wisdom teeth. In such cases, many people happen to visit a dentist and get their wisdom teeth removed. Visit The Newtown Clinic to avail the best and safest tooth extraction service.

If you are one of them who have already gone through a wisdom tooth extraction, you surely know the trouble and how long it takes to recover. So, here are tips on how to recover from wisdom tooth extraction provided by an expert doctor of the best dental clinic in Saltlake.

  • Medicines: After removing your wisdom tooth, your dentist will definitely ask you to take medicines to combat tooth pain and swelling. Do not forget to take those as swelling and pain after a tooth extraction is common, but there is no point in suffering from those. So, take your medicines in time that the best dentist in Kolkata asks you to take.
  • Bleeding: A little bit of bleeding within the first 24 hours of the tooth extraction is accepted as usual by the dentists. Try to sit upright and do not opt for vigorous activities for at least a few days after your tooth extraction. In order to control the bleeding, along with the medicine provided by your doctor, first, rinse your mouth and then take gauze and bite it down. For any further advice, consult with the best dental clinic in Saltlake named The Newtown Clinic.
  • Rest: You need to take rest to heal any issue related to your health. So, do not rush to go back to everyday life right after your wisdom tooth extraction. Take it slowly till you are absolutely fine.
  • Follow your oral hygiene: Do not even think of skipping your daily oral hygiene just because you had an extraction. Avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco.
  • Hydrated: Remain hydrated for the best outcome of your tooth extraction, says the best dentist in Kolkata.

For any further assistance related to your oral health, visit The Newtown Clinic and get the opportunity to avail the best treatment services.