It can seem tempting to pop pimples, but it can lead to blemishes and scars. Moreover, popping a pimple can cause some side effects like permanent scars, painful acne, noticeable acne, and, worse, infections. In most cases, it can result in inflammation. Below, the best dermatologists in Salt Lake discuss more reasons why you should avoid popping pimples.

Reasons why you must avoid popping pimples

As per the dermatologists from the best dermatology clinic in Salt Lake, if you make an attempt to pop your pimple, you risk breaking the skin barrier, which can cause permanent scarring. In addition, if the pimple has infected pus inside, popping it will spread the bacteria to the other pores as well as the hair follicles. This can create an acne breakout.

In addition, popping a pimple will also delay the natural healing process of your skin, due to which your blemishes may last longer. Moreover, if you keep on trying to pop a pimple that does not pop, you can end up pushing the contents of the pimple further underneath your skin. This can clog the pores, trigger inflammation, and make acne more noticeable.

How can dermatologists help treat your pimples?

Dermatologists use effective techniques to help you have acne-free skin. One of these techniques is called acne extraction. They use sterile instruments for removing whiteheads and blackheads. This acne treatment is offered when other treatments fail. The procedure of acne extraction is performed by the best dermatologists to remove the whiteheads and blackheads from your skin.

Another way dermatologists treat pimples is with corticosteroid injections. This treatment is used mainly to treat painful cysts, acne, and nodules that are deep within your skin. To do this, the dermatologist will inject your blemish with corticosteroid injections. This speeds up your healing and reduces the risk of scarring. However, this treatment option is only suitable for treating one painful acne at a time and not several acne blemishes. Your dermatologists will be able to administer the right amount of corticosteroid injections to treat your acne. But don’t try to do it by yourself, as it can create unwanted side effects.

To remove a large acne cyst, pimple, or nodule, your dermatologist will use a surgical blade or sterile needle to make an incision to open up your acne and remove the contents inside.

We have discussed above the reasons why you must avoid popping pimples. If you are experiencing pimple scarring or an acne outbreak, reach out to a dermatologist to get proper treatment.