According to the dentists from the best dental clinic in Rajarhat, dental implants are artificial tooth roots. They help in the restoration of a missing set of teeth.

A dental implant procedure will eliminate biting irregularities that occur due to tooth loss. In addition, dental implants offer the stability and strength you require to eat all types of food without having to struggle to chew. They also allow you to maintain your jaw bone and prevent bone loss.

Dental implant procedure

As per the best dental doctor in Newtown, dental implant restorations are distinguishable from your other teeth. The steps for its procedure are as follows:

1. Preparing your jaw

A dental implant with its restoration is mainly composed of a crown, and a titanium material screw, says a dental surgeon in Newtown. A hole is drilled in the jaw site where there is no tooth to guide the fixture of your titanium implant. To avoid damaging your inferior alveolar nerve in your lower jaw and the vital jaw, the dentist will use a surgical guide based on your CT scans when placing the dental implants.

2. Placement

After drilling the initial hole into the appropriate site of the jaw, it is gradually widened to make space for the placement of an implant screw. Once it is in place, the surrounding gum tissue is secured over your implant, and a protective screw cover is placed on the top of the site to allow it to heal.

Six months later, your dentist will uncover your implant and attach the abutment, which holds the tooth-like replacement or crown. In a few cases, the abutment will be attached during the first procedure. After the abutment is set in its place, the dentist will start fabricating the final or temporary crown. Sometimes, it is done on the day when the abutment gets placed. The temporary crown acts as the template around which the gum shapes and grows itself in a natural manner. This process is fully completed when the temporary crown is replaced with the final crown.

What are the top benefits of having dental implants?

  1. Dental implants act like a natural tooth and help in restoring your chewing power. Thus they find it easier to eat with dental implants.
  2. When there are teeth missing, the jawbone in that space starts deteriorating as it lacks stimulation. This can cause bone loss. However, dental implants can help in preventing bone loss.

Dental implants are a safe procedure for replacing a missing tooth. Moreover, it can restore your dental function and help you to eat and chew normally.