With each passing year, you skin ages as well. Just like your body organs, skin aging is also programmed by your genes.  For instance, age spots, dry skin, hair loss, thinning nails, and other skin changes start occurring as you grow older.

Do you think skin aging happens overnight? Not really, Well, at least it seems to be so but skin has its own aging process. You can’t completely stop the process but you can at least slow down its pace.  Therefore, you need to be careful about the external factors damaging your skin.

What Are The External Factors?

Let’s dig deeper to understand the way your skin works. Did you know the sun is the main factor that ages your skin? Yeah, sunrays contain many light spectrums and ultraviolet rays are the major ones contributing to your skin damage.  Do you want to know more about the external factors that can harm your aging process? Consult with the best skin doctor in Salt Lake and you will get a better insight.

The Main Factors That Lead Your Skin To Age Fast:


Yes, gravity! It plays a major part in damaging your skin. Well, as you know gravity pulls everything towards the earth and the same happens with your skin! Yeah, you read that right. As you age, your skin loses the effects of elastin and it starts responding to the gravity pull more than before.

Smoking (QUIT today)

Everyone ( not your smoking partners though) keeps telling to get rid of this deadly addiction but nothing could have convinced you till this blog post ( maybe).  Now, you have got a new and quite serious reason to quit smoking.  As per the best dermatologist in Salt Lake reveal that smoking tobacco plays a big role in aging your skin.  In addition to that, smokers also develop a slight yellow hue to their skin color.

Facial expressions:

Well, that sounds quite unfair, truly, but has anyone stood against the science ever? No.  With passing age, your skin loses its ability to spring back when you are making too much facial expression. As a result wrinkles and lines form and the more expression you make, the more prominent the lines become. You have to keep a check on making faces as much as you can. If you are doing facial exercises, make sure to talk with a skin specialist in Salt Lake so that you can follow a proper routine.