We live in an age where wearing makeup is more essential than anything else for some people. If these people don’t wear makeup, they feel incomplete and imperfect. It surely enhances your appearance, makes you look presentable and gives you confidence. But, it has more side-effects than benefits in the long run. The correct skincare products are potentially harmless for your skin but their overuse can damage the skin extensively.

A skin specialist in Kolkata lists the negative effects of wearing makeup daily.

Blocked pores

They are a common and recurring skin problem that can bother you a lot. The main culprit behind blocked pores is applying too much makeup. Foundation, concealer and bronzer may seem like a blessing for the skin surface that enhance your beauty. However, the tiny particles in these products accumulate in the skin pores with each wear. Also, you are exposed to air pollutants every day that adds to the dirt in the openings. Going makeup-free will reduce the build-up in the pores and allow your skin to breathe easily.

Acne breakouts

When we use cosmetic products on our skin, we expose it to more toxins. These harmful materials not only prevent our skin from breathing properly but also cause inflammation and redness. This aids the formation of acne and hence, more breakouts which is ironical because that’s what you were trying to hide in the first place. A leading skin doctor in Salt Lake says that makeup is the root cause of majority of skin problems. So, apply less cosmetic products to stay clear of acne, pimples and dark spots.

Dry skin

Remember people, makeup does not hydrate your skin. Instead, it messes up with your natural skin cell renewal process. The dead cells pile up in your skin with regular use of makeup. This leads to dull and dry skin. In contrast, no makeup means no germs to interrupt with the creation of new cells.

Eye infection

Eye makeup is the leading cause of eye infections. The chemicals used in eye cosmetic products are extremely harmful for your eyes. They can cause itching, redness, allergies and infections. Hence, it is recommended to avoid eye make-up or wear it light. Also, never share eye cosmetic products as this increases the risk of infection.

Renewed confidence

When you ditch your cosmetics and go natural, you will certainly feel empowered. You will look in the mirror and accept yourself as you are. Another benefit is that you will realize that true beauty cannot be acquired and is very much inherent.

Thus, give your skin a break from makeup and go natural. But, even if you have to use it, a dermatologist in Salt Lake suggests choosing cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type.