Fun fact: A 500ml bottle of cola contains 54gms of sugar which is nearly 14 teaspoons of sugar. That’s the amount you are drinking in one go which you usually take in 4-5 days.

But why is this information needed? The intake of sugar content is directly proportional to the acidification of teeth. The sugar in carbonated drinks combines with bacteria in the mouth which results in the formation of acid. This acid has the ability to erode the hardest tissue of the human body – enamel. The tooth surface is left vulnerable to decay and surface dissolution. In a way, cold drinks are poison to your teeth.

How to spot tooth decay?

According to The Newtown Clinic, when your teeth restrict you to drink and eat fervently, it is because of the following reasons:

    1. Sensitive to cold, hot and sweet drinks
    2. Holes, hollowness, and gaps in the teeth
    3. Pain while biting food
    4. Acute ache even when you are not having food or drink
    5. Chalky white stains on the teeth
    6. Swelling around the gums

What to do next?

When the tooth aches, your ears and forehead are also affected. That’s why you require the best dental clinic in Kolkata for proper healing.

  1. Visit a good dentist immediately and get an x-ray done.
  2. In the case of small erosion, the dentist will repair it with filling materials and recommend mouthwash and toothpaste.

  3. If the dentist spots a small cavity, he will fill it with amalgam composed of silver and other metals.

  4. When the decay reaches the pulp, the inner nerves get affected resulting in root canal treatment.

  5. When you get older, your teeth decay beyond repair. In such cases, extraction is the only option left.

How to prevent tooth decay?

Your oral and dental hygiene is your responsibility. Help your teeth win the battle against cavity:

  1. Use Of Fluoride – Fluoride prevents mineral loss and reduces the ability of the bacteria to make acid. Brush with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash after eating and drinking.

  2. Drink Soft Drinks Occasionally And Quickly – The longer the drink stays in your mouth, the higher will be the intensity of the acid attack.

  3. Regular Dental Check-Ups – Consult a dentist at regular intervals and keep your teeth in check. Getting your teeth treated faster will prevent further tooth decay.

  4. Avoid Soft Drinks At Bedtime – Intake of cold drinks at night and sleeping without brushing your teeth can lead to the spreading of acid.

Cold drinks can cost a root canal treatment to make you smile again. The Newtown Clinic provides the best root canal treatment to restore your teeth. The damaged pulp is removed carefully and replaced with a filling to avoid any infection.

Therefore, reduce the frequency of drinking sodas to protect your teeth and keep them healthier for a longer time. Choose drinks that are less acidic and drink in moderation to maintain teeth health.