Why make your life difficult with damaged teeth when you can soar high without sore gums?

Good teeth ensure a wide ear-to-ear smile. With bad teeth, you don’t feel like smiling much because of the constant ache. You also don’t feel like eating meals during toothache.

We are responsible for our tooth care but we tend to follow a harmful lifestyle which results in spoiled teeth. They can last for a lifetime if you get rid of the harmful habits that cause tooth decay. According to the dental clinic in Newtown, the following habits must be rectified to keep your teeth healthy:


Smoking cigarettes results in bad breath, tooth staining, accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth and is the principal cause of gum diseases. In addition to this, it might cause tooth loss and in extreme cases, oral cancer. The gum tissue cells are affected by smoking leading to bone and tissue softening which makes them susceptible towards infection.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth. When the saliva in the mouth decreases, the teeth become more prone to gum diseases and decay. The sugar content in alcohol also disturbs the normal functioning of teeth. Heavy drinkers are more exposed to mouth cancer.

Consumption Of Cold Drinks

The best dentists in Kolkata say that the sugar in cold drinks reacts with bacteria which results in the formation of acid that causes the enamel to corrode. The acid causes the tooth to decay and makes it vulnerable to gum diseases. This might end up in root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Eating Sticky Food

Sticky food stays on your teeth longer than any other food. This puts the teeth at a greater risk to catch gum related diseases. Avoid consumption of sticky food at night. However, if you do eat it, remember to rinse your mouth after that, brush and floss them.

Citrus intake

Recurrent exposure to acidic fruits can increase the chances of dental erosion. Citric fruits and juices can also erode enamel and aggravate mouth sores. To avoid tooth decay by citric fruits, keep in mind to drink plenty of water while eating them.

Drinking Coffee

Heavy consumption of coffee can cause the teeth to discolor and often leave chalky-white stains on them. Coffee can also result in dryness in the mouth, which means a reduced flow of saliva.

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