Postpartum hair loss:

The first few months after your pregnancy, you may observe excess hair fall. There is no need to be panic-stricken about the same as most women go through this period, and there are treatments and home remedies that can bring you back to normal. So you must not be worried and should spend time with your little bundle of joy, says the best dermatologist in Kolkata.

Reasons behind postpartum hair loss:

The most common reason behind post-pregnancy hair fall is the level of oestrogen that decreases during this time. It takes 6 to 8 months after pregnancy to normalize the oestrogen level. If the hair fall persists, then you must visit The Newtown Clinic and take the advice of a dermatologist. This continuous hair fall even after 6 to 8 months can be a sign of anaemia or postpartum thyroiditis. The level of ferritin may be changed due to pregnancy, and as a result, your thyroid levels may differ. You don’t need to be afraid regarding this condition as it is curable.


If you face hair loss after your pregnancy, then you don’t need to panic as it’s completely normal. The hormonal change in your body causes this after effect. A dermatologist in Saltlake gives tips on how to control your postpartum hair fall.

  • Your doctor may give you some prenatal vitamin supplements to control your hair fall post-pregnancy.
  • Consuming sufficient and healthy food is one of the essential steps that you should follow. This not only keeps your body in sync but also helps control excess hair fall.
  • You need to take extra care of your hair during this time. Be more gentle while combing or washing your hair. Use a volume-increasing shampoo and combs that have widely spaced teeth.
  • Avoid using chemicals, straighteners, curlers, and dryers for these few months, as these might damage your hair more. This may result in more hair fall.
  • Do not try tight hairstyles which pull your hair. Keep your hairstyle simple and loose instead so that your hair does not break from the root.
  • Avoid tension and stress. Relax and stay calm. Stay happy and frolic.
  • Try to have a shorter haircut, says a dermatologist.

Home remedies:

famous dermatologist based in Kolkata who is attached to The Newtown Clinic provides some home remedies to control postpartum hair fall.

  • Eat food items containing iron, zinc, and also vitamins.
  • Apply amla oil; this will strengthen your hair.
  • Make a hair pack- use egg whites, olive oil and mix it well to make it. Apply it directly to your hair.
  • Add yoghurt to your diet chart. You can use yoghurt as a hair mask also. Mix the yoghurt with coconut oil.
  • Massage your hair with lukewarm oil before every wash. This will improve blood circulation, and as a result, your hair fall will be less.
  • Have fruits and vegetables more.

After 6 to 8 months, if you notice that your hair fall has not decreased, don’t wait and take the help of the best dermatologist in Saltlake.