Swollen gums in children might be caused by teething, poor dental hygiene, or some severe underlying problems. However, this condition must not be treated lightly, and immediate medical attention must be sought if it does not improve within a few days. Below, a pediatric dentist in Newtown has provided a care guide for swollen gums in children.

Understanding swollen gums in children

Swollen gums in children or gingival inflammation can be because of poor oral hygiene, which is one of the leading causes. When children don’t floss and brush regularly, it results in the buildup of plaque in the gumline and teeth, causing inflammation. In addition, some medical conditions like hormonal fluctuations, vitamin deficiencies, and systemic diseases can contribute to swollen gums.

Care guide for swollen gums: By a pediatric dentist

To take care of swollen gums, follow the expert care guide provided below by the best pediatric dentist in Newtown.

1. Maintaining proper oral hygiene: According to a pediatric dentist in Saltlake, it is important to begin brushing the child’s teeth as soon as they appear. A smear of fluoride toothpaste will suffice for maintaining proper oral hygiene. When they grow older, parents must encourage them and ensure that they brush twice a day and floss regularly.

2. rioritize dental check-ups: When your child’s teeth first start erupting, make sure to schedule regular dental visits. This will enable the doctor to identify problems such as swollen gums and treat them early on so as to minimize the risk of further complications.

3. Incorporate a balanced diet: Make sure that your child consumes a rich diet full of all essential nutrients. This will improve their gum health and enable faster healing for existing problems. Also, incorporate sufficient Vitamin C in their diet through fruits like oranges and lemons to prevent the development of potential gum diseases.

4. Staying hydrated: Drinking plenty of water not only helps improve the overall functioning of the body but also enhances oral health. Water keeps the mouth moist and washes the food particles, which reduces the risk of gum irritation.

5. Address dental trauma: If your child experiences any kind of injury to the mouth, it can cause swollen gums. In case there is excessive swelling and bleeding, make sure to consult a pediatric dentist in Salt Lake to seek urgent medical attention.

If swollen gums persist along with other symptoms like pain and bleeding, reach out to a pediatric dentist in Newtown for personalized consultation and treatment.