Top 10 popular myths regarding Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a simple treatment to repair badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing them. However, this simple procedure is clouded with myths so popular, that patients are delaying their treatments in fear of it, says the best dentist in NewtownSo let’s find out what these myths are –

  • RCT is painful – Decades ago, when dental treatments were not as sophisticated as it is now, RCT was painful. It is simply not true anymore. Nowadays, local anesthesia is administered by dentists to numb the entire area. Therefore, you would not feel any kind of pain or sensation in your mouth during the procedure. Moreover, pain killers and antibiotics will also be prescribed to limit any further inconvenience.
  • RCT is expensive – RCT is not as expensive as you might think. The cost, however, varies according to the location of your tooth and the cost of the crown.
  • RCT is risky – Contrary to popular belief RCT is the best dental treatment and delaying your RCT makes you susceptible to several other health risks.
  • RCT is not required – You might believe that if it does not hurt, then what is the need for an RCT? However, RCT needs to be done with or without pain and depends on your condition.
  • RCT removes root – This myth establishes the complete opposite of what RCT is about. RCT is a dental procedure in which the infected area of the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a crown. It aims to repair the tooth roots.
  • RCT is a long procedure –RCT takes somewhere between 90 minutes to 3 hours, and may require a second visit, depending on the condition of your tooth.
  • No RCT when pregnant – The origin of the myth might have been something like this – RCT requires x-rays, pregnant women should avoid x-rays, therefore pregnant women should not have RCT. However, RCT requires an x-ray of the mouth. These rays are completely safe for pregnant ladies as they do not reach the abdomen. Moreover, when pregnant ladies come for treatment, lead shielding is also used during an x-ray.
  • Crowns cause root canal problems – It is a common misconception. Root canal problems can occur regardless of tooth covering.
  • Tooth extraction is better – Tooth extraction is not better or worse. It’s just that when a damaged tooth is beyond repair, then tooth extraction is necessary. The best dentist in Newtown suggests that keeping a natural tooth is important for proper chewing and eating. Therefore, RCT protects the tooth roots and saves adjacent healthy teeth as well.
  • RCT causes illness – Your tooth infection can spread to your brain, causing severe health issues? RCT can save you from severe brain and heart infections.

Root canal infection warning signs

Symptoms of root canal infection include –

  • Ongoing pain that gets worse when you bite down
  • Extreme sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot or cold
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • A growing lump on the gums
  • Foul breath
  • Darkening of a tooth

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