An important part of our general health is dental health. It is possible to keep your teeth healthy irrespective of your age. If you follow the proper dental care guidelines, you can maintain healthy teeth for your whole life. An effective procedure to keep your gums strong and healthy is scaling. A dentist uses this procedure for removing infected deposits like plaque, calculus and stains from the surface of your tooth. If scaling is not done to remove the deposits, these will cause infection and loosening of the gums. This will lead to pyorrhoea and loss of the tooth. If you are thinking that scaling can damage your tooth surface, it is notthe truth. It is completely safe when it isdone by the best dentist in Kolkata.


A sticky, soft, colourless layer of food particles and bacteria constantly forms on our teeth. It is known as dental plaque. The bacteria cause infection in our gums as they multiply rapidly. This results in bleeding gums. If you do not remove the dental plaque within 10-14 hours by brushing, it can turn into calculus or tartar. It is not possible to remove calculus or tartar by brushing. Scaling, done by a dentist, can remove it.

Reason for scaling

Even if you carefully brush or floss your teeth, you should go to a dental clinic in Newtown at regular intervals for tooth cleaning. Scaling and polishing are two parts of professional cleaning. There can be a periodontal disease if you do not go for scaling. The pocket between the gum and the tooth starts to deepen in this disease. The anaerobic bacteria get the perfect environment to grow in this condition. The tooth becomes loose as the rapidly multiplying bacteria start dissolving the bone that supports the tooth. This will leave you with no other way than to go for more extensive treatment to save the tooth. In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Frequency of scaling

The formation of plaque on teeth is a continuous process. Within 10-14 hours it starts mineralizing into tartar unless you remove it by brushing. It is better to go for scaling every 6 months. However, your dentist is the best person to advise when you need scaling. You should always keep this in mind that scaling does not weaken your teeth. Rather, it prevents the bleeding of gums. Lack of proper scaling can also result in more serious gum problems.

In the opinion of the best dentist in Newtown, you can prevent many oral and dental disorders through good oral hygiene, which also results in a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth helps to keep your body healthy as the mouth is the entry point of the whole body.