In today’s competitive and health-conscious world, your appearance matters a lot. But how much time are you able to devote from your busy work schedule to take care of your skin? Healthy skin is not only important for external appearance but it also performs indispensable tasks for your body. It shields the body from various bacteria and viruses, produces vitamins, and maintains steady body temperature. Your skin is very sensitive and reacts very poorly to unhygienic conditions.

With the summer approaching, the season that your skin dreads the most, you have to give it the attention and concern it requires. Otherwise, you will end up with unhealthy and damaged skin. The increased temperatures during summer make oily skin appear oilier and dry skin appear coarse and bumpy. Humidity and heat make a deadly combination for your already vulnerable skin. The skin doctor in Salt Lake understands that summer is indeed a rough time for your skin. Hence, there are a few suggestions from him/her that you can make use during summer-time:

Beware of the sun –If you are exposed to the sun between 10 am – 2 pm, then it is your biggest enemy. It increases your risk of having sunburn since the sun is at its most intense form during this time. The key is to have a fine sun-sense which implies using a sunscreen every day before stepping out. Sunscreen with higher SPF provides increased protection. In addition, use an umbrella for shade.

Hydrate your skin regularly – Scorching heat and high temperatures can make your skin dehydrated. To moisturize it, you need a proper facial skin routine that comprises of a good hydrating mask. A mask can cure several skin conditions like acne, cold sores, etc. To find out which mask suits your skin type, get suggestions from the skin specialist in Salt Lake.

Switch to a new face wash – When the season changes, your face wash should also change. Select a face wash that extracts excess oil from your skin. To keep your skin clean and fresh, you should wash your face plenty of times a day.

Exfoliate for soft skin – With so much pollution, your skin gets dirty that prevents it from breathing. Dead cells pile up in patches which make the skin dark and rough. Soap is not enough and your skin requires exfoliation to rejuvenate. Use exfoliators that are tender on your skin and apply them gently to avoid rashes.

Avoid heavy makeup – Summer skin cannot take weighty make-up. The skin pores get filled with make-up that results in congestion of skin cells. You should go for minimal make-up that will make your face look fresh throughout the day. For instance, use organic kajal, tinted moisturizers, and tinted lip balm to allow your skin to breathe better.

Above all, the best way to keep your skin smooth and glowing is to drink plenty of water. The best dermatologist in Kolkata says that water is the most crucial ingredient to flush out toxins in the form of sweat and urine. So, let’s merrily drink water and cherish our beautiful skin.