Children are at most risk of getting dental diseases because they don’t understand the importance of oral hygiene. It is quite difficult for the parents to make them see the benefits of brushing twice daily along with flossing. They are stubborn and tend to do the opposite of what is being instructed to them. Hence, this results in tooth cavities, decay, gum diseases and other dental problems in children. So, you must take them to the best dental clinic in Kolkata for effective treatment and handling.

Causes of tooth pain in children

  1. The first and foremost reason for toothache in them is eating too many chocolates and candies. Separating them from sweets is as difficult as getting them any closer to nutritious food.

  2. All children generally have a sweet tooth which increases their liking for sodas and colas. The high sugar content in these drinks is responsible for tooth decay and cavities in them.

  3. Kids are careless and they live in their own world where the last thing to do is to brush or floss regularly and properly. As a result, the bacteria from the food remain in their mouth and form plaque which causes the softening of the teeth enamel.

  4. Children being children, they lack concern about maintaining good oral hygiene.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to pay a visit to the best dentist in Salt Lake who can make your child value the healthy preservation of teeth.

How to handle children with dental problems?

As parents, you can’t see your child getting hurt by anything, let alone a toothache. The first thing to do will be to calm the child and avoid panicking yourself. Also, here are some steps which you can follow to control the painful situation.

  1. Look for the cause – Ask your child to describe the pain and look inside their mouth with a torchlight. This will help you to establish the severity of the problem.

  2. Apply a cold compress – Wrap ice in a small towel and apply it on the outer cheek. This will numb the region until you arrive at a dental clinic.

  3. Pay an immediate visit to the child’s dentist – The child might have extreme pain which cannot be treated with home remedies or self-examination. Consequently, you must take your child to a dental clinic in Newtown so that the dentist can assess the condition and provide treatment accordingly.

Key takeaways

  1. Preventing early tooth decay will ensure strong and healthy teeth in later life. Hence, it is important to teach children about the perks of good oral hygiene.

  2. Kids will become more responsible about their health once they figure out how to take care of themselves.

  3. Once children learn the value of good teeth, they will avoid harmful habits like smoking and chewing tobacco.

  4. Schedule dental visits twice a year to keep their smile intact. If your child will have any disease at all, it will be taken care of at an early stage. This, in turn, will decrease his/ her suffering.