Being the team behind a board-certified dental clinic, you might think we are a bit biased- and probably we are. After all, we have been working hard to design your smile. But we also believe in keeping things real, so here are a few things you should know before undergoing treatment of wearing invisible braces.

Don’t overthink without consulting a surgeon

Often, people spend huge time thinking about the Invisalign process before they have even talked to a dentist. Though this dilemma is completely normal and understandable, you don’t need to over think the process when the experts of the dental clinic in Newtown are there to help you out. Please schedule a consultation session and talk with us before jumping into any conclusions!

 Invisible braces are efficient and fast:

Are you one of them who think that traditional braces and Invisalign differ only in terms of aesthetic difference? Well, there’s more to it. To illustrate, this procedure produces a faster result as most of the patients can see visible results within three months.

Invisible braces are custom made:

A cosmetic mouth reconstruction should be customized, to begin with. The best dentist in Kolkata works hard to custom design each aligner for your needs. The expert makes sure to scan your mouth with state-of-the-art scanners.  A series of aligners are created in the special lab.

You have to brush and floss regularly

Whenever you are taking your braces out for the purpose of eating and drinking, you should brush and floss your teeth properly before putting them back in.  keep in mind, the last thing you want is having food particles trapped between your teeth and aligner.  This is quite bad and uncomfortable for your teeth. Plus, it can stain and damage your aligners. That is why you need to clean your teeth properly before putting those back again.

Cleaning your teeth isn’t enough:

You need to clean your braces also. However, don’t use toothpaste as  paste can make the braces yellow and murky. You can use a mild aligner cleanser instead.

You are never too old to get invisible braces:

Are you wondering if it’s worthy enough to put on braces or these are just for the sweet sixteens’! Well,  the best dentist in Newtown believes in something else.  The Invisalign procedure is safe and effective for all the age groups.

To conclude, you want the very best when it comes to your mouth and your smile. Fortunately, we, at the Newtown Clinic Kolkata, offer invisible braces treatment for the best price possible.