Don’t feel intimidated:

Women feel quite intimidated when it comes to an appointment with a gynecologist. One of the best gynecologists based in Kolkata keeps harping on the fact that it’s not at all good to avoid visiting a doctor if you are facing any gynecological difficulty. Moreover, an annual examination is very important to prevent life-altering diseases.

Why you should visit a gynecologist?

To maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, it’s very important to consult a doctor from time to time. Now, you may think that what is the need of visiting a doctor if everything is fine. Regular checking in on the fitness of your lady bits makes you sure that you are perfectly alright. This gives you more confidence and also helps keep yourself updated about your body. If everything is running smoothly then nothing better but if there is any issue related to gynecology, a health check-up will immediately detect the problem.

About health issue related to breasts:

If breast cancer is there in your family history, then it becomes essential for you to visit a gynecologist near you in Kolkata for mammograms. It is essential for every woman who has crossed her 40s to get this examination done as in most cases women who get infected with breast cancer are above 40. But even if you are young and below 40, it’s never bad to visit a doctor and get yourself tested.

Precaution for cervical cancer:

A Pap smear is a prevention examination to detect signs of cervical cancer. If you have any precancerous or cancerous cells on your cervix, this test will detect the same. Women aged 21 or above are advised to keep themselves updated with this test as cervical cancer is deadly like any other cancer. New Town Clinic recommends this test to all women because prevention is better than cure and cancer hardly gives time to get cured.

Related to pregnancy:

If you are already pregnant or planning for the same, you always need to keep in touch with your gynecologist. The top ten gynecologists in Kolkata suggest taking help and guidance before pregnancy as nowadays, the reckless lifestyle and busy schedule hardly gives time to rest. Rest is a very important part of the process of pregnancy. If your body doesn’t get proper rest, issues and difficulties occur. So, visit one of the best gynecology hospitals in Kolkata and take help from a gynecologist who keeps you acquainted with the complications if there are any.

Information that you will be benefited with:

  • Precautions to be taken before pregnancy
  • How to keep yourself healthy
  • Signs that will hint you towards the complications (If any)
  • How to fight those complications
  • The right time to get fertilized
  • Food items and drinks that are needed during this period
  • How to control mood swings
  • Till what time you may keep working
  • Resting time

All these are very important to be kept under consideration as it is about pregnancy and all these factors have an immense effect on the mother and the child within the womb.