Every day, we expose our body to so many pollutants and dirt. Our hectic schedule does not leave us much time to look after our skin. As a result, we end up using beauty care products that provide us with instant shine and glow. Most of these products use chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to our skin in the long run. So, whilst you are at home, make good use of your time and try some DIY remedies for good skin suggest by the skin specialist in Salt Lake.

Yes, using something from the host of skincare products available is much easier than preparing something on your own. A skin specialist in Salt lake says that nothing beats the ‘old yet gold’ goodness of natural products. You can easily find them in your kitchen. Natural products ensure natural glow. The best part about them is that they do not have any side-effects on your skin. Also, you don’t have to search for them elsewhere, they are right there in your home. Make use of these to nourish, improve and pamper your skin. 


Honey is a multi-purpose household ingredient that is highly beneficial for the skin. It helps when taken both internally and applied externally. One tablespoon of honey every day and a gentle massage with it 10 minutes before taking a shower works like a wonder. Honey is a natural moisturizer, thus, it keeps the skin hydrated. It also removes acne, reduces wrinkles and gives a younger look to the skin.


Turmeric is well-known for its medicinal properties, making it suitable for skin rejuvenation. It is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to make your skin glow. Even the best dermatologist in Kolkata agrees that it removes the impurities from the skin giving it a fresh appearance. Turmeric also has an anti-inflammatory quality that decreases the swelling caused by pimples and acne. Mix turmeric in some gram flour, milk and rosewater to attain a paste. Apply this on your face and neck for at least 12 minutes or long enough to let it dry. Finally, clean it with cool water. 

Gram flour 

If you ask your grandmother about beauty care tips, the first thing she will tell you is to add gram flour in your skincare routine. And yes, it has never failed in removing dead skin cells. It assures a healthy and shiny skin and also takes off the tan. Mix some milk, honey and rosewater in gram flour and put it on your skin. Take it off after 20 minutes and you will witness the wonders of this ordinary kitchen ingredient.


Milk is the most commonly found household kitchen ingredient. As per the skin specialist in salt lake, it softens, nourishes and de-tans the skin to a great degree. It works very well as a moisturizer for those who have dry skin. Just wipe your skin with milk twice a day or mix it with honey to achieve maximum results.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is famous for its remedial properties and can be grown easily in houses. Cut it from between and scratch the gel off the leaf to directly apply it on your skin. Aloe vera is very soothing on the skin, especially in the summer season as it beats the heat.

All these don’t seem like a Herculean task, does it? So, take care of your skin, let it glow, let it shine! If you want to have even better skin, visit the Newtown Dermatology Department and your skin will thank you.