There may be stains on teeth for various reasons. The discolouration of teeth is also common. All these make the teeth look bad and also affect your smile. However, there is a solution to this problem and that is teeth whitening. You can consult the specialist attached to a dental clinic in Salt Lake to know the options available for teeth whitening.

Reasons for the discolouration of the teeth

  • When foods, beverage or smoking causes stains on your teeth, it is extrinsic discolouration. The outer portion of the teeth gets affected by these stains.
  • The use of medicines, infection, childhood illness, tooth trauma or ageing discolour the teeth from inside. It is intrinsic discolouration.

Options for teeth whitening

For the whitening of teeth, many methods and products are available. The teeth whitening methods are divided into three categories. These include:

  • The methods that your dentist administers
  • Methods that you use at home on the advice of the dentist
  • The methods that you use on your own

You need to consider the following factors while choosing any of these teeth whitening methods.

  • The treatment method
  • The type of discolouration
  • The treatment cost
  • Age (applicable mainly for children)
  • Any previous dental treatment

The best dentist in Salt Lake suggests the teeth whitening method that will best suit your needs. The time required for safely whitening your teeth depends on the type of teeth discolouration and the method you choose for teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening

Your dentist whitens your teeth using different methods. The common methods involve bleaching your teeth with carbamide peroxide. There is the breaking down of carbamide peroxide into hydrogen peroxide and urea, which targets the tooth’s colour in a chemical reaction. It is safe to whiten your teeth in this procedure.

Treatment at the clinic

The whitening treatment you get at the best dental clinic in Salt Lake lasts longer. The procedure does not take much time. This is because the products that he/she uses to whiten your teeth contains a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Treatment at your home with the help of your dentist

Your dentist can guide you on how to whiten your teeth at home. He/she can make special trays that you have to fit into your mouth. You need to wear a tray for a fixed duration every day after applying a gel to it. You will get the desired result if you continue this for a few weeks.

Different teeth whitening products for using at home

Whitening toothpaste

There are different ingredients in a whitening toothpaste that make your teeth appear whiter. The results will begin to be visible after you use these for a few days.

Whitening strips

These strips contain smaller amounts of hydrogen peroxide than professional products. You need to use them one or two times per day for a fixed number of days.