If you are pregnant or are planning to conceive, learning about the medical procedure regarding pregnancy is essential. Pregnancy is big news, and the medical process that ensues aims to provide you and your baby with personalized and timely care. One of these procedures is blood tests.

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Blood Tests During Pregnancy 

There are mainly five types of blood tests –

  • Qualitative blood serum test – This test aims to confirm the presence of hCG in your blood. A high level of hCG in blood confirms pregnancy.
  • Quantitative blood serum test – This test is known as the beta hCG test. It is a highly accurate test that aims to measure the exact amount of hCG in the blood. It can even detect traces of hCG. This test is used along with ultrasound to diagnose an early pregnancy loss.
  • Hemoglobin Test – Anemia is common during pregnancy. As the fetus grows in size, the demand for various nutrients grows simultaneously in the mother’s body. This growth often leads to iron deficiency in the blood. A hemoglobin test is done to evaluate the physical status and Anemia in a pregnant woman. Anemia is diagnosed if the test shows hemoglobin level to be below 110 g/L. Anemia Symptoms include fatigue, poor health, or unintended weight loss.
  • HIV and STD Test – In the early stage of pregnancy, it is highly recommended to get checked for HIV and other STDs, as it can affect the baby. HIV and syphilis are significant concerns during pregnancy. Your baby can get infected by the microbes while in the womb or at the time of birth during vaginal delivery.
  • Determine Rh type – It is essential to know the Rh type. If the RH type of mother is found to be negative and the Rh type of baby as positive, it can cause serious health issues for the baby. However, the baby’s blood test can be done only after the baby’s birth. If you are found to be Rh-negative, an injection called Anti-D will be prescribed by the doctor. The injection aims to prevent the formation of antibodies that would attack the red cells of an Rh-positive baby in case of future pregnancy. The injection will be given on 26 – 28 weeks and 34 – 36 weeks of pregnancy. Another injection is given after the baby’s birth if they are found out to be Rh-positive.

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