A Color Doppler test is a kind of ultrasound test in which colours get superimposed on the image of a blood vessel to indicate the direction and speed of the blood flow within the vessel. Below, we will look into the procedure of this test and its purpose, as discussed by the top cardiologist in Newtown.

Why is a Color Doppler test done?

According to a cardiologist in Newtown, a Color Doppler test can diagnose heart diseases and conditions that decrease or block the flow of blood in the heart. This test is done for the following reasons.

  1. To examine your heart function
  2. To check for blockages in your blood flow
  3. To monitor the flow of blood after surgery
  4. To determine the narrowing of blood vessels
  5. To inspect the blood flow of a pregnant woman and her foetus
  6. To check for damage in the blood vessel and problems in the heart’s internal structure

When do you need a Color Doppler test?

A heart specialist in Newtown advises you to have a Color Doppler test if you-

  1. Experience symptoms of reduced blood flow or heart diseases
  2. Have injury in your blood vessels
  3. Have an issue with the blood flow of your unborn baby
  4. Need check-up for a blood flow disorder

What is the procedure for a Color Doppler Test?

During the Color Doppler Test, the technician will apply a gel on the area that is to be tested. A handheld device known as the transducer will be moved over that area. It will send sound waves to the body during the process. These waves will get recorded and converted into graphs and images with different colours on the monitor. Once the images get captured, the test will be done. This procedure usually lasts for thirty to sixty minutes.

Results of a Color Doppler Test

According to the doctors from the best heart clinic in Newtown, the results of a Color Doppler Test can give the following results.

  1. Abnormal flow of blood
  2. Clots and blockages in the arteries of your heart
  3. Narrow blood vessels
  4. Aneurysm (weakened area or ballooning of an area in your artery)

Check the above factors to determine whether or not you need to have a Color Doppler test. If needed, you can also get a consultation with the top cardiologist in Newtown to get this test done under proper guidance and supervision. Moreover, from the results of a Color Doppler test, your doctor can determine a suitable treatment plan for you.