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It is a branch of genetics that studies genetic phenomena under a microscope. It is carried out with a cytological analysis of chromosomes using simple stains.  It contributes to the sequencing of the human genome and leads to gene maps. Chromosomal aberrations that cause many developmental defects in adults and children can be detected by cytogenetics tests.

Facilities at the Lab:

All the tests are performed by experienced and trained staff members at the best cytogenetic lab, serving people in New Town, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, and nearby areas and providing you the most precise results.

We have the most modern medical apparatus in terms of:

  • Our cytogenetics department consists of the latest equipment and advanced technologies such as Multicolour Karyotyping, Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization (FISH), Interphase Chromosome Profiling (ICP).
  • We offer a complete array of cytogenetics tests
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